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Hello.  My name is Yvette.  I am a wife and a mom to two beautiful (and creative) girls.  I live in Durban on the sunny East Coast of South Africa.  I am a homemaker and a creative.  I am passionate about beautiful handcrafted things, therefore I own an online shop called ArtEsense, which is my curated range of handmade gifts from South Africa. I also have my very own range of Macrame Decor called ~ The Hand to Heart Collection, as the slogan for my shop is “from the hand to the heart” as I believe that when you make something by hand, you give a little piece of your heart and soul.

I have always loved being creative!  As far back as I can remember I loved to draw and make things look pretty.  I have tried my hand at restoring & painting old pieces of furniture, breathing new life into them with gorgeous (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) colours.  I have also dabbled in handmade wedding stationery and I have always wanted to do photography or be a writer (another one of my creative outlets). I LOVE anything to do with plants, pretty flowers and gardening. I worked for an amazing company that eventually took me all the way to Germany, Eckwalden to work for a day in the most beautiful medicinal herb garden I have ever seen!  Something I will treasure forever.

It makes sense then that not so long ago, I came across beautiful macrame plant hangers on Instagram (my favourite social media platform!) and I fell instantly in love!  They were in a beautiful range of colours with the most stunning plants and I thought – wow, I want to make those!  So I learnt to do just that, and I have not looked back since.  I think I have found ‘my thing’.  I now make plant hangers just like the ones I fell in love with, in the same colours of turquoise, mint and coral.  I also make various styles of wall hangings and more recently, I started making massive macrame backdrops for the wedding industry (see my ‘Styled Shoot’ Category for beautiful styled images).  I have also just started making Macrame Dreamcatchers as I am so often asked for them!

I am just as passionate about nutrition and food, and so I think it is safe to say I am as creative with food as I am with my hands! There is something about delicious food that brings people together and it just makes us happy!  I love watching my daughters in their own little creative journeys – also, in the kitchen (creating yummy food dishes) and with acrylic paints on canvas! I call it their ‘beautiful mess’ because oh dear, they do make a big creative mess!

I want to share it all!


My blog is simply that…about my life, my travels, my heart, my passions and my creative journey.

Thank you for sharing it with me!



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