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Red is bold and beautiful. Painting Tutorial.


Styled Wedding Shoot ~ Happy Seasons with Macrame

Styled Wedding Shoot ~ Happy Seasons with Macrame

Having just started out making large Macrame Backdrops for weddings and events, I realised that until they are used in a real wedding, I am going to need to do a styled wedding shoot in order to showcase my work and for it to be seen in an actual setting!  So I collaborated with a few awesome professionals and this was the result!  I found out a week before the time that our ‘bride’ had pink hair and I thought wow, that will look amazing with the garden ‘seasons’  shoot I had in mind!  It is not every day that you see a bride with pink hair, but I knew it would be different and with what I had in mind, I knew it would work so well!  The result exceeded my expectations!

We worked with a lot of what we already had, such as my own pure white ‘summer’ wedding dress, and a borrowed 1950’s lace wedding dress that looked exceptionally beautiful on our just-as-beautiful model, especially in our ‘autumn leaves’ shots!  I decided to make my own floral crown and flower bouquets and borrowed a gorgeous gold crown that a friend had handmade for her own wedding almost 20 years ago!  Instead of wearing it on top of her head, our bride wore it around her forehead and it looked so very beautiful combined with the lace wedding dress she wore!

Of course, we had to remember why we were there – to take magnificent shots of my Macrame Wedding Decor – backdrops, plant hangers and dreamcatchers, so although it was tempting to get carried away with creative shots of our stunning bride, we set to work at hanging, holding and securing the massive backdrop to create some of the most beautiful images, and I feel so proud of how they turned out!

As already mentioned, we wanted to shoot with different ‘seasons’ in mind, particularly summer and autumn, though we are currently slap bang in the middle of Durban winters! Thankfully our winters are lovely and warm by comparison.  Our props were supplied by Kim from Crystal and Vine.  We chose the Wooden Slatted Hurricane and lots of candles and ivy for our Autumn shots, and the large and small Copper Lanterns which looked stunning in our Summer shots.  Since the focus was on the macrame items, we did not need much else, especially since we made use of beautiful garden surroundings, next to a Lilly pond, on a bridge and amongst an array of Autumn leaves lying under a magnificent tree.  The weather obeyed and we were blessed with the most beautiful day. Our daughters were our little assistants who did such a great job, sometimes standing on ladders to hold up our heavy backdrop in the background, or fetching and carrying.

Above all, this being our first styled shoot, we just wanted to experiment and have loads of fun, and looking at how our bride was laughing in the last images of this post, it truly was a fun and happy day! I hope these images will inspire you!

All Macrame Backdrops, Plant Hangers and Dream Catchers are available for hire or to purchase.  Customer Orders are also available on request. Have a look at our website for more products and details!

~  Collaborators ~

Photography ~ Kathy Nugent;  Model & Makeup ~ Alissa Dawn Maakal; Decor Hiring ~ Kim from Crystal & Vine; Wedding Dresses ~ all borrowed.

Styling, Flower Arrangements & Macrame Decor ~ Yvette Mommsen owner of ArtEsense online shop ~ The Hand to Heart Collection of Macrame Decor.


Collage Lilly Pond


Collage Lace Lilly Pond Trio


Collage BottomBridgeHappyWaterfall


Collage Macrame Top Bridge Trio

Collage TopBridgeDoubleFlowers



Collage FernDreamCatcherTrio

Collage FernDreamcatcherTrio3

Collage AutumnLeavesIvyTrio


Collage HappyBrideAutumn.jpg

3 Reasons Why Online Shopping is the Best!

Online Shopping

Have you heard all about online shopping but just haven’t been brave enough to give it a try? Well, it is definitely time to join our world and venture online for a shopping experience like no other. We are here to tell you why so many people are turning to online shopping and why it can so often save the day when we are in need of that one item, but cannot find it in the stores! Keep reading for our top 5 reasons why shopping online at ArtEsense is a must if you are looking for something unique, and that cannot be found just anywhere in the usual run-of-the-mill shops.

Convenience is our number one reason to shop online.

There is no need to get dressed up or put on makeup when shopping online.  Just leave your PJ’s on, find a comfy spot on your sofa and browse away! Finding the perfect item has never been easier than when shopping online. You have access to hundreds of stores at your fingertips that will deliver right to your door! No more queues, looking for parking, crowded shopping centres and all the frustration that goes with it.  Yes, it really is that convenient.

Another reason is the incredible variety of items available in online shops

Blog July 01 Blog July 02








Blog July 04

Blog July 03









How frustrating can it be when you know exactly what you are looking for, yet after spending countless hours at the mall, you just can’t find that perfect item or gift! Whether you are searching for home and lifestyle products, jewellery, children’s clothing, or handmade gifts or clothing, the variety of products that are available in online stores will ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.


July Blog 05

Yes, I said it! Sales! Let’s be honest, we all enjoy saving money where we can. Shopping online is the number one place to find out about unbelievable sales and items under a certain value, e.g. Gifts under R250. You no longer need to spend hours searching the rails or shelves in a store! By browsing or shopping online, it is so easy to make price comparisons as well. Simply visit our online store and head to the gifts under R250 section and you can view everything at once.
Convenient and affordable!

Need we say more! Online shopping really is transforming the way people find gifts or that coveted item. Begin your online shopping adventure today by visiting ArtEsense, the home of handmade gifts.

Online shopping has taken South Africa by storm because it has become increasingly easy to find, purchase and have beautiful items delivered straight to your door!

Online Shopping

Gone are the days when we had to dress up and trawl through shopping centres, only to find that what you were looking for was nowhere to be found! We are thankful for online shopping which is gaining traction in South Africa. Now you are able to ‘trawl’ online shops, in the comfort of your home or office, most often in your pj’s! And the benefit is you don’t need to drive from one place to the next in the hope of finding what you want – you can browse through different online shops and their products and ultimately end up with the perfect clothing item, accessory or product. What more could we ask for? So sit back with your favourite cup of tea while we take you on an online shopping  experience through our boutique online store.

New to our online shop these stunning handmade Soy and Gel Candles (all under R250) are a wonderful personal gift.  These all come in beautiful packaging with scents such as Vanilla and Ylang Ylang, as well as essential oils like peppermint and sandalwood.
Blog-June16 Candles Gel1Blog-June16 Soy Candles1

Blog-June16 Gel Candles2Blog-June16 Soy Candles 2

Enjoy shopping online for gorgeous home decor items such as these lamp stands from Renessance Designs – another local creative who specialises in interior design and decor.

Blog-June16 Lampstands Assorted

Blog-June16 Lampstand Lemon

We love our range of silver jewellery, all of which can be purchased from our online shop.  We have sterling silver jewellery from Allure Handmade Jewellery, which can also be personalised with your name or initials!  A local Durban favourite, Barbra Rishworth handcrafts and up-cycles beautiful one-off pieces from silver or vintage cutlery – she can also make or hand carve something sentimental from your own collection, which also makes for a perfect gift!  Lastly, we have ever-popular silver charm jewellery handmade by Angel-Heart Jewellery – available for both adults and children.

Blog-June16 Stack Ring 2

Blog-June16 Charm neck 1

Blog-June16 Barbra2

Blog-June16 Barbra1

Whether you are looking for jewellery, home décor items, children’s gifts or just a gift under R250, visit  ArtEsense  for a varied and curated online shopping experience. All of our products have been handmade in South Africa because we believe in supporting local Online Shopping!


May is not only associated with Mother’s Day, but also for lots of spoiling, so why not Spoil Someone Special this May with One of Our Handmade Gifts Under R250!

Gifts Under R250

Do you know of someone special with a birthday coming up in the month of May? Perhaps you would like to give them something from the heart, but also something really affordable? Then have a look at our gorgeous list of Gifts Under R250 below. We have specially selected our favourite products!

We have a spectacular range of necklaces that are available on our website that would make the perfect gift for a special occasion, and all under R250! From charm necklaces to beaded jewellery we have a little something for everyone.

Gifts Under R250 - 1

Gifts Under R250 - 2

We have many more gifts under R250! Have a look at our beaded and silver rings and earrings. If you love bold and beautiful, then these are just for you!

Gifts Under R250 - 3

Gifts Under R250 - 4

Gifts Under R250 - 5

If the home is where the heart is, then these lovely décor products below are also all under R250. We have stunning mini macrame plant hangers which make a perfect little gift, together with thoughtful little gifts to add, such as our yummy looking cupcake soaps, quirky heartfelt cushions, and beautiful colourful Scoobie wire bowls, handmade from Woza Moya Crafters.

Gifts Under R250 - 6

So go ahead and spoil that special person with something from our gorgeous range of unique, handmade gifts – all under R250 on our website! And this means you may just be able to treat yourself to a little something too!

Gifts Under R250 - 7

Finally, we have more gifts under R250 for a very little someone. Winter is right on our doorstep (or in some places, already here!), so have a look at our beautiful range of snoods and beanies, as well as handmade toys and owl cushions, that cannot be found just anywhere!

Gifts Under R250 - 8

Gifts Under R250 - 9

Gifts Under R250 - 10

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: experience a range of unique jewellery and décor gifts from our curated online store in South Africa.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

We can’t wait to present our awesome Mother’s Day gift guide for our online jewellery and décor store in South Africa. This year we present our favourite handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas for all mums.   We pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated range of gifts that you won’t be able to find just anywhere! Each is uniquely made (by hand of course) and many of our gifts are exclusive to ArtEsense online store.

Presents from the heart are most often a mother’s most treasured item, no matter the cost. So we’ve put together a list of Mother’s Day gifts, ranging from jewellery to home décor, that we think your mums will adore!

Our first Mother’s Day Gift Idea ~ something just for her! Introducing our new range of jewellery, by Allure Handmade Jewellery.

 This is a mother’s day gift from the heart….unique and beautifully handcrafted in South Africa, these local pieces are an extra special gift, as some of the pendants or rings come with custom initials or mums chosen name stamped into them!

Online Jewellery Store SA

A work of heart for her home ~ Mothers Day Gift Idea: A Macramé Décor Collection ~ Plant Hangers and Wall Hangings

These beautifully handcrafted Macramé Plant Hangers and Wall Hangings are from the Hand to Heart Collection, made by the owner of ArtEsense, (a mum, with two of her own beautiful daughters!). These gorgeous Macramé plant hangers can be found online at ArtEsense’s online jewellery and décor store.

Macrame Plant Hangers SA

 Mother’s Day Gift Idea ~ say it with cushions

Spoil mum with something a little different!  These beautifully quirky cushions with their heartfelt words will remind mum just how much you love her…every single day!  These lovely gifts can be purchased online at our online jewellery and décor store in SA.

Online Decor Store SA

More awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas ~ a little something for every mum

 She may just love a gift with lots of pretty ‘little things’, such as this lovely little Scoobie wire bowl (for her bits and bobs), with a stunning gold bead Rose Ring and handmade cupcake soap.

13 14

We have plenty more gorgeous handmade gifts on our website! Visit our online shop for the full range of handmade gifts to spoil mum this Mother’s Day.

DIY Macrame Planthanger

DIY Macrame Planthanger

I have been very busy crafting beautiful macrame plant hangers for Artesense and our local handmade craft market. My last blog post showed stunning images and ideas for decorating your home with plants.  I promised to post a tutorial on how to make your own macrame planthanger, so here it is!

I chose this particular one as it is fairly simple and is able to hold a nice size pot.

Lets start with what you need for the project:

  • You can use any type of cord or yarn such as cotton cord, rope or even string if you are making a mini macrame. You will need 8 cords, each approximately 5 metres long.  (I used less, but did not want to run out of cord!)
  • A wooden rod (dowel stick) – any size that suits you, mine is a thin one that I cut to size.
  • 6 wooden beads (optional)

First step:

Tie a length of cord from one end of your wooden rod to the other and hang it like a picture frame somewhere that is comfortable for you to work.  I work from a clothing rail, but that is because I make many macrame planthangers!  If this is just a once off project for you, then no need to go out and buy a clothing rail!


Tie all 8 cords, one at a time, in a tight row next to each other in the following way:

Tie your first cord exactly in half so that it forms a loop at the end (see image below).  Then place it over the top of the rod and pull the rest of the cord through the loop and tighten.  Do this with all 8 cords. You will now have 16 lengths of cord to work with.


Step 2:

Using your first 4 cords, tie a square knot.  Repeat until you have a length of about 8-10 centimetres of square knots.  See final image below.

To tie a square knot follow the images (or video clip further down):

  • Place cord on the left over the front of the second and third cords, almost in a C shape.  Take the fourth cord and place it over the top of the “C” cord, behind the second and third cords and then loop it through as shown.  Repeat this step to complete a full square knot.
  • Make sure you alternate with first the left cord, then starting with the right cord for the second knot, otherwise you will be making a ‘twisted’ knot.

Step 3:

Using your next 4 cords, repeat step 2, except you will start further down, exactly where the first set of square knots has ended..  Continue for 8-10 centimetres, as above.  Keep going with all 4 sets of knots (16 cords).

Step 4:

You can add 3 beads in the spaces at any stage.  I used 3 beads on one set and 3 on another, as (shown in the very last image). This is of course optional, but does make it look stunning, especially with black cord!

Step 5:

Continue in this way until you are happy with the length of your macrame.










Step 6:

You are now going to end off with the section that actually holds your pot!  Instructions are as follows:

Drop down about 10cm from where you have ended off with your square knots, and tie all 4 sinnets in a knot as shown in the image, crossing 2 cords over to tie with the first 2 cords on the left, and so on.  Drop down another 10cm approximately, and repeat the same step above.Macrame,Planthanger,TutorialMacrame,Plant,Hanger

Step 7: To finish off, drop down about 5 cm and tie all the cords together at the end with a GATHERING KNOT as demonstrated in this quick tutorial (not my own, but a great quick demonstration).

If you get stuck, have a look at our complete video clip tutorial below!

And there you go!  So easy and so beautiful!

I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know if you have tried it.  Please leave your DIY experience in the comments below!