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Styled Wedding Shoot ~ Happy Seasons with Macrame

Styled Wedding Shoot ~ Happy Seasons with Macrame

Having just started out making large Macrame Backdrops for weddings and events, I realised that until they are used in a real wedding, I am going to need to do a styled wedding shoot in order to showcase my work and for it to be seen in an actual setting!  So I collaborated with a few awesome professionals and this was the result!  I found out a week before the time that our ‘bride’ had pink hair and I thought wow, that will look amazing with the garden ‘seasons’  shoot I had in mind!  It is not every day that you see a bride with pink hair, but I knew it would be different and with what I had in mind, I knew it would work so well!  The result exceeded my expectations!

We worked with a lot of what we already had, such as my own pure white ‘summer’ wedding dress, and a borrowed 1950’s lace wedding dress that looked exceptionally beautiful on our just-as-beautiful model, especially in our ‘autumn leaves’ shots!  I decided to make my own floral crown and flower bouquets and borrowed a gorgeous gold crown that a friend had handmade for her own wedding almost 20 years ago!  Instead of wearing it on top of her head, our bride wore it around her forehead and it looked so very beautiful combined with the lace wedding dress she wore!

Of course, we had to remember why we were there – to take magnificent shots of my Macrame Wedding Decor – backdrops, plant hangers and dreamcatchers, so although it was tempting to get carried away with creative shots of our stunning bride, we set to work at hanging, holding and securing the massive backdrop to create some of the most beautiful images, and I feel so proud of how they turned out!

As already mentioned, we wanted to shoot with different ‘seasons’ in mind, particularly summer and autumn, though we are currently slap bang in the middle of Durban winters! Thankfully our winters are lovely and warm by comparison.  Our props were supplied by Kim from Crystal and Vine.  We chose the Wooden Slatted Hurricane and lots of candles and ivy for our Autumn shots, and the large and small Copper Lanterns which looked stunning in our Summer shots.  Since the focus was on the macrame items, we did not need much else, especially since we made use of beautiful garden surroundings, next to a Lilly pond, on a bridge and amongst an array of Autumn leaves lying under a magnificent tree.  The weather obeyed and we were blessed with the most beautiful day. Our daughters were our little assistants who did such a great job, sometimes standing on ladders to hold up our heavy backdrop in the background, or fetching and carrying.

Above all, this being our first styled shoot, we just wanted to experiment and have loads of fun, and looking at how our bride was laughing in the last images of this post, it truly was a fun and happy day! I hope these images will inspire you!

All Macrame Backdrops, Plant Hangers and Dream Catchers are available for hire or to purchase.  Customer Orders are also available on request. Have a look at our website for more products and details!

~  Collaborators ~

Photography ~ Kathy Nugent;  Model & Makeup ~ Alissa Dawn Maakal; Decor Hiring ~ Kim from Crystal & Vine; Wedding Dresses ~ all borrowed.

Styling, Flower Arrangements & Macrame Decor ~ Yvette Mommsen owner of ArtEsense online shop ~ The Hand to Heart Collection of Macrame Decor.


Collage Lilly Pond


Collage Lace Lilly Pond Trio


Collage BottomBridgeHappyWaterfall


Collage Macrame Top Bridge Trio

Collage TopBridgeDoubleFlowers



Collage FernDreamCatcherTrio

Collage FernDreamcatcherTrio3

Collage AutumnLeavesIvyTrio


Collage HappyBrideAutumn.jpg


DIY Macrame Planthanger

DIY Macrame Planthanger

I have been very busy crafting beautiful macrame plant hangers for Artesense and our local handmade craft market. My last blog post showed stunning images and ideas for decorating your home with plants.  I promised to post a tutorial on how to make your own macrame planthanger, so here it is!

I chose this particular one as it is fairly simple and is able to hold a nice size pot.

Lets start with what you need for the project:

  • You can use any type of cord or yarn such as cotton cord, rope or even string if you are making a mini macrame. You will need 8 cords, each approximately 5 metres long.  (I used less, but did not want to run out of cord!)
  • A wooden rod (dowel stick) – any size that suits you, mine is a thin one that I cut to size.
  • 6 wooden beads (optional)

First step:

Tie a length of cord from one end of your wooden rod to the other and hang it like a picture frame somewhere that is comfortable for you to work.  I work from a clothing rail, but that is because I make many macrame planthangers!  If this is just a once off project for you, then no need to go out and buy a clothing rail!


Tie all 8 cords, one at a time, in a tight row next to each other in the following way:

Tie your first cord exactly in half so that it forms a loop at the end (see image below).  Then place it over the top of the rod and pull the rest of the cord through the loop and tighten.  Do this with all 8 cords. You will now have 16 lengths of cord to work with.


Step 2:

Using your first 4 cords, tie a square knot.  Repeat until you have a length of about 8-10 centimetres of square knots.  See final image below.

To tie a square knot follow the images (or video clip further down):

  • Place cord on the left over the front of the second and third cords, almost in a C shape.  Take the fourth cord and place it over the top of the “C” cord, behind the second and third cords and then loop it through as shown.  Repeat this step to complete a full square knot.
  • Make sure you alternate with first the left cord, then starting with the right cord for the second knot, otherwise you will be making a ‘twisted’ knot.

Step 3:

Using your next 4 cords, repeat step 2, except you will start further down, exactly where the first set of square knots has ended..  Continue for 8-10 centimetres, as above.  Keep going with all 4 sets of knots (16 cords).

Step 4:

You can add 3 beads in the spaces at any stage.  I used 3 beads on one set and 3 on another, as (shown in the very last image). This is of course optional, but does make it look stunning, especially with black cord!

Step 5:

Continue in this way until you are happy with the length of your macrame.










Step 6:

You are now going to end off with the section that actually holds your pot!  Instructions are as follows:

Drop down about 10cm from where you have ended off with your square knots, and tie all 4 sinnets in a knot as shown in the image, crossing 2 cords over to tie with the first 2 cords on the left, and so on.  Drop down another 10cm approximately, and repeat the same step above.Macrame,Planthanger,TutorialMacrame,Plant,Hanger

Step 7: To finish off, drop down about 5 cm and tie all the cords together at the end with a GATHERING KNOT as demonstrated in this quick tutorial (not my own, but a great quick demonstration).

If you get stuck, have a look at our complete video clip tutorial below!

And there you go!  So easy and so beautiful!

I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know if you have tried it.  Please leave your DIY experience in the comments below!





Gorgeous ways to Decorate your Home with Plants

Gorgeous ways to Decorate your Home with Plants

Following on from my last blog post about taking care of your indoor plants, this post gives some inspiration for DIY ideas on decorating your home with beautiful plants.  A home is not a home without a little greenery, and if you choose the right ones (preferably ones that are not easily killed) then there is no limit to what you can do with them!


Home Decor Indoor Plants

If you are looking to maximise space, there are many things you can do.  Floating or corner shelves, window sills, bookshelves, or on top of cupboards, are some of the ideas you can use.  Another of my favourites (and one I have yet to do myself) is to transform a ladder into a triangular set of shelves, by simply placing flat boards between the ladder.  You can learn how to do this here. This looks stunning both indoors or outdoors and can be filled with loads of different plants in various shapes and colours of pots, for the most gorgeous effect!Home,Decor,Indoor,Plants,Ladders



Of course, you can also just hang your plants up from the ceiling!  The best way to do this is to use planthangers, like stunning beaded or macrame planthangers.  ArtEsense has macrame planthangers for sale, made by The Hand to Heart Co. But if you prefer to do-it-yourself, our next blog post will be featuring a tutorial on how to make your own simple macrame planthanger.   It really is easy to do and so satisfying to see the finished product! You can even make little mini ones for your small succulent or cacti plants and this looks too beautiful placed on a hook on your bedroom wall, for example.

My house is an old transformed farm house (still with the old fashioned street lamp posted outside my front door!), so for me, there is no option but to maximise as much space as possible with shelves and planthangers.  However, if I had a massive house with loads of wide open space and lots of light, I would not hesitate to have big plants occupying a corner of my living space. What really makes it is the pot you decide to put it in. A nice big woven basket with crosses on, for example. Or a big handmade ceramic pot in a stunning colour that goes with your colour scheme. If you prefer the little ones, then fill your lounge or bedroom window sill with lots of little pots in various shapes and styles, but stick with the same colour scheme throughout.  It is so very effective in a room that just needs a little life! I have a beautiful old kist that has been transformed with ‘Charlie Chaplain’ on the front, however he often gets hidden with stunning boxes I have collected, along with a few succulents and it really brightens up my bedroom.Home,Decor,Charlie,Chaplain,plants

Home Decor Collage Green Envy

Big or small, hanging or in a corner, plants breathe life into your home.  So whichever way you choose to decorate with them, it really doesn’t matter, as long as you choose to have them!

I would love to hear from you and how you decorate with your plants.  Please share in the comments below!


































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The perfect way to hang indoor plants

The perfect way to hang indoor plants

I love plants!  I have always had plants in my home.  I think they finish off a space and make it look pretty and homely. Not only are indoor plants beautiful to look at, but they also clean the air we breathe and bring with them life as well as add that natural element to your living space.hanging,plants,decor

Hanging Plants


I don’t know about you, but I have always found it rather difficult to keep indoor plants alive! It is only through a little trial and error that I have discovered which plants are “hard to kill” and so I make sure I go with those no matter what!  If this has been a challenge for you too, don’t worry, I have put together a list of plants (and a few tips on how to look after them) that I believe will stand the test of time and look absolutely gorgeous in your home or work space!

First, let’s face it, plants were never really meant to be indoors, so at the very least, try to make sure your indoor plants have plenty of light and sunshine to really thrive.  So here is my list of plant suggestions: the most common I would say is the Palm, Golden Pothos, Arrowhead Vine and my beloved Succulents! I especially love the last two as it is really hard to kill them and they seem to be able to withstand abit of drought (i.e. if you forget to water them for a while!).  Succulents in particular don’t need much attention at all, especially with regards to watering them.  Their leaves hold large amounts of moisture and they are able to withstand fairly harsh conditions.  They do like quite abit of sun so try to place them in an area that gets loads of sunlight! I also love the way the Arrowhead Vine and Golden Pothos grow, as they often hang over the sides, and it looks so so pretty.  Another is the Spider Plant and also the Money Tree and a Fern of any kind!  I believe every home should have a fern somewhere and they like shade, so thrive in moist and shady areas (such as your bathroom!). indoor,plants



Here are some of my (tried and tested) tips on how to care for your indoor plants:

First I would say DO NOT over water them.  I think this is often the reason so many of them die prematurely. If you live in a hot, humid place like me here in Durban, then you may need to water a little more frequently, but you will know if you check the soil and it feels dry when you stick your finger in.  It is bet to make sure you have a drainage tray at the bottom of your pot so that the roots get plenty of water and it does not just drain away.  You may find that most pots you purchase do not have drainage holes.  I don’t know why this is, as this is an absolute necessity to prevent root rot, so do make sure your pots have little holes in the bottom, even if you have to drill them yourself (with the correct type of drill bit of course).

I think the most obvious, which I have already mentioned in the beginning, is to make sure your plants have plenty of light! This is where plant hangers, like macrame planthangers, come in really handy is you are able to hang your precious plants in front of a light area or window sill.  My office for example does not get enough sunlight.   I have a fern and an arrowhead vine in my office and often take them outside when it rains and will leave them there for a day or two to get some natural sunlight which they really seem to love!

Lastly, no plant is immune to mould, insects or disease, so if you notice little white aphids (they look like white fluff), mould or any other type of disease on your plants, then do not hesitate to spray them with some insecticide.  Treating them beforehand with fertiliser is also a good idea and can do no harm.  I like to use organic wherever I can – especially on my herbs since I plan to eat them.  In South Africa you can buy a wonderful organic insecticide called Biogrow from either Builders Express or most local nurseries.  As long as you spray the insect on contact it works like a bomb!

The other thing about indoor plants is that so often there is not enough space for them, especially in a kitchen, and if your kitchen is like mine, you may not have a window sill to grow your precious herbs! Once again macrame planthangers are perfect for saving space! Macrame planthangers are trending at the moment and can be used, not only for plants, but also to hang herbs in your kitchen, for glass vases with flowers and greenery, or even a fish bowl!

ArtEsense macrame planthangers are handcrafted from recycled cotton fabric by The Hand to Heart Co.  They come in various styles and colours and also produce custom orders on request.

I would love to hear from you!  If you have any other suggestions on looking after indoor plants, or any other indoor plants that you can recommend, please share in the comments below!

Image credits: abeautifulmessblog; designsponge/nicolette-johnson; 608interiors;;; justinablakeneybloglovin; decor8blog.

Above image credit:  happyinteriorsblog

Image credits: Golden Pothos: elvisripleyfickr, Fern:; Spider Plant:; Arrowhead Vine:; Palm:; Money Tree:

All other image credits: ArtEsense and The Hand to Heart Co.macrame,planthangers